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At aLL Global Project Management, the Construction Execution Department represents one of the most important activities within the building sector, supported by the vast experience of its specialized technical team that takes part in a wide variety of works and construction systems. We have extensive experience in the development of sustainable buildings and a broad vision of all building disciplines.

At the beginning we carry out an audit of the documentation, an analysis of the project and during the works, we control and verify the correct execution of the project according to the technical suitability evaluations. In parallel, we propose a follow-up of the economic evolution of the work until its closure, as well as compliance with the planning.

The Quality Control of the entire construction process is one of the inherent points of the Works Execution Manager activity from the beginning
of the works until its completion, carrying out a verification of the start-up process and operational tests of the facilities.

  • Audit.
  • Improvement proposals.
  • Monitoring of economic evolution
  • Planning compliance.
  • Periodic status reports.
  • Process quality control and commissioning.
  • Implementation of sustainable certificates.
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