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As a result of the global knowledge of the entire construction process involved in a real estate promotion, aLL Global Project Management has developed an innovative product together with its main clients, which we have called Global Engineering.

In consists of the creation of a technical project area that functions as a single multidisciplinary agent, which acts in close collaboration with the architect from the preliminary phases of the project.

Global Engineering is responsible of all the engineering projects: structures, mechanical; electrical and thermal installations, telecommunications, activity projects, etc. Together with our technical office and our architectural technicians / project managers, they draw up the measurements and carry out the tender for the work; carrying out the integration in the model of all the projects developed in BIM. All this, results in a significant reduction in terms of cost and lead time, due to the use of a single multidisciplinary team with a perfect knowledge of the project that will prepare the project, measurements, the bidding and the technical management of the works.

  • Leader and global technical coordinator of the project.
  • Pre-project review and basic architecture project.
  • Execution of executive project: Structure, Facilities.
  • Engineering project: Garage, Telecommunications, Swimming Pools, Thermic installations.
  • Measurements and measurements integrations – Budget.
  • Bidding and work contract.
  • Management the works and facilities execution.
  • Legalization of works and facilities.
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