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Focused on your Project

We are a company specialized in

Integrated management of property projects

Since 2005 we have partnered with services companies throughout Spain, with investment funds and developers.

We excel at teamwork and we guarantee the lowest risk, the most efficient coordination and the best results.

aLL Global Project Management was born with the intention of being able to give a better response to clients given the extensive experience acquired in the sector, incorporating the continuous improvement and innovation procedures that the company has developed over the years.

Our mission is to become the ideal partner of our clients to be able to manage the entire process with minimum risk, maximum efficiency and optimal coordination, guaranteeing the final success of the project. All this based on 3 basic aspects:

Extensive knowledge of the sector

Commitment, involvement and leadership

Independence and coherence before the different agents

Our values are what differentiates us as a company

We focus on customer satisfaction

Absolute involvement in the projects

in which we intervene

Personalized and flexible customer relationship,

each client is unique

High professional qualification

of aLL Global Project Management team

Dynamism in the development

and management of projects


from third parties

Management method

that minimizes risks

aLL Global Project Management provides:

Economic savings for:

  • Monitoring and negotiation of the cost during execution
  • Lower initial cost by contracting method./li>
  • Greater knowledge of the project

Reduction of deadlines:

  • Unified coordination of the Project team and the Construction Work
  • Project and Construction Work Planning

Improvement in qualities:

  • Methodical monitoring of execution
  • Direct negotiation with industrialists
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